Tuesday, November 13, 2018

My Comment To Kayden

Hi Kayden My name is Marta.
I like how you used wow words and how you practiced first of how to do a back flip. Did you go any where else besides jump? This reminds me of when I was at home on my tramp trying to do a back flip but I had to go on the tree and do it so I did a small one.I am so jealous that you went and I didn't. Hope you had fun, Blog you Later

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Thursday, November 8, 2018


Test Results

 This is my Results From when I had my test
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Maths Game

My Comment To Sam

Ki Ora, Ko Marta Toku Ingoa.
This is funny because When the monkey threw the banana at the pigs then the pigs turned around  and Killed the monkey. Had you thought about something else to do like a monkey eating a rotten banana? This reminds me on when my friend Neko make these mini movies and brings it to school and shows all of us. Why did you think about doing this movie? -Marta