Thursday, February 22, 2018

Recount Writing-Taking Flight

WALT:Plan and write a draft based on TAKING FLIGHT Animation
Who: grampa and I
What: adventures
when :A sunny day
Where: grampas house
Why: I think dad don't like me
How: Dads old waggon
After that
In conclusion
I think
My opinion

“Dad I don't wanna be here!” “ Sorry son we will play tomorrow”said dad
“That's what you said yesterday” “Do I have to stay with grampa?”
“Sit here i'll be done with the lawns soon.” grandpa said.
A photo on the shell caught my eye,Id tried to grab it.CRASH,BOOM!
Grampa came running in, “what's that,you know that use to be
your dad's old waggon” said grandpa.Lets take it for a spin
.Go on an adventure.Yay I was Keen.You know there is monkey's,
Man they corce to much trouble First we went in the jungle,
Oh oh Ah ah!! “RUN!” oh oh oh ah ah ah!!
We made it.Secondly we fell down the waterfall.Ahhh!!! SPLASHH!
“I`m soaking wet! Brrrrr! I'm up high in this airplane ! CATCH!
 I through my teddy out and caught it like a boomerang.Whhh!
 “Plane down Its gonna crash!! We need to  JUMP!!!!!” Poof!
That was close. PEW PEW!!!
OH NOO!! Alien attack……I think I had amazing adventures with grandpa.Without  dad i was feeling way better.I was first deprest but with that waggon I was happy as i can be.That adventure was the BEST!!!