Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Are your clothes made in China

   In my class I had to write a recount from the perspective (view)of a kid working in a sweatshop 
I chose to be a kid working in a toy factory.

What was I learning in writing?
   To improve in vocabulary ,and use words and phrases to help us add interesting details to my recount.

This is my story.


Who:Me and Chang
What:Horrible day at work.

A day at a toy factory

On a dark,cold  Monday I woke up wearily at 12am in the morning.  Running to work as fast as I could.I entered the door. My  boss walked out of the office.I looked at him.”your working a extra  7 hours ”!I shutted with fear I moved on to the dolls.”slice”! I almost cut my finger!Tears coming out of my tired eyes.

BRRRR! The rusty  bell rang, my ears were  sore,it's time for lunch.I had  gross rice.I was talking to Chang (my mate).”I'm staying  for 7 extra hours!”I said with anger.:Well I have already earned 60c.”Chang said sadly. brrrrr.The lunchtime is over
“What i never ate.”.gubble gubble i ate all up.”wow”said  chang surprised.stop talking and get to work”!MY boss demanded with a angry face.

I heard stitching and drilling.Boom! At 2:30 chang fainted.”Sinja”! My boss yelled.”yes sir”.”what happened” ch,ch,chang fainted”. I shivered .Everyone looked we helped Chang up and took him outside.we  had no clean water so I took a handful of dirty water  and I had no choice but to use the dirty water and tip it on chang. He woke up.”what happened” “you fainted”  Get back to work ! He yelled we did.

Finally 10pm I can go home.”no! No your not you have a extra 7 hours”!   “no”I mumbled with a big sigh.    I grabbed a big fabric and knitted up  a barbie doll.I wish i could just quit I cried. I never want to feel like this again.

5 o'clock my friend and the other workers entered. “Your early Sinja” “I know i had to stay for 7 more hours but this time i still need to work”i said whispering.

Finally 5:00 pm Home time.I went home with a lot of my room Mates . "SLEEP!"I sighed with sweat.

What a day. It was like a  Horror movie  the scariest. THE end of the horrible Toy factory day!